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14-16 Seater Minibus Hire

If you are looking for affordable, guaranteed and high quality group travel package for your 16 passengers, Travel Eaze has an attractive 14-16 seater minibus hire offer whenever you need it. We understand that you require smooth travel in and around Sheffield. This is why we won’t ask you to go for a self-drive minibus. We operate the 16 seater minibus service complete with a dedicated chauffeur. Whether you are heading to a wedding, convert or a sightseeing tour, your work is to recline and enjoy the trip. We want you to travel with everybody on board. Two cabs won’t accommodate everybody in your group of 16, and you will end up paying more. With Travel Eaze, you get to save money and you won’t leave your colleagues behind.

Travel Eaze Lets You Save

If you wish to spend less and still enjoy the group tour, Travel Eaze makes it easy. You don’t have to bother about fuel money. You pool resources and share the car rental costs. Travel Eaze lets you save more if you book your minibus in advance. We have made it easy to reserve the 16 seat minibus that fits the needs of your group. The web booking tool and the efficient mobile app lets you make reservation from the comfort of your home.

When you order the 14-16 seat minibus hire package from Travel Eaze, you will never experience complacency. Your first call is answered with all the answers you want for your queries. Our staff are conversant with the 14-16 seat minibus service, and they will help you select a model that meets your preferences as a group. Our competitors won’t care too much as long as you are paying.

Features That Enhance Comfort and Elegance

The 14-16 seat minibus hire vehicle comes with a set of features that enhance comfort and elegance. The soft leather interior help you relax each time you lie back on our recliner seats. The ambience is fit for a corporate group and the space is adequate for those who prefer to work on the go. Simply fish out your laptop and you will think you are back in your comfortable office. If you would like some entertainment, the DVD players, music system and 4G internet will suffice. You can play our selection or you can choose from your Bluetooth playlist.

Climate Controlled Minibus Interiors

There’re are some people who would love to tour Retford or Worksop during summer or winter. If you thought you cannot travel around due to inclement weather, Travel Eaze gives you climate controlled minibus interior. You only need to adjust the settings according to the weather outside. Our Aircon system will let you travel warm in winter and you can turn up the breeze if you are riding in the hot summer. Travel Eaze never lets you down regardless of the 14-16 seat minibus hire specifications you prefer. Contact us today.

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