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If are traveling to Chesterfield in a small or large group, finding the best taxi service company isn’t all about checking their pick up and drop off habits. The best taxi service to engage should do more than selling or marketing their services. Travel Eaze does a lot more, which is why we are the most preferred taxi service operator in the city. We interact with every client(s) in an attempt to understand their needs and wants in the travel sector. We use the feedback to polish up our taxi Chesterfield service delivery. In the city, we are among the few service providers that have embraced modern technology. As a result, any individual and traveling groups are able to book our vehicles from remote locations.

Pre-Book and Prepay Benefits

Not every taxi service operator in Chesterfield will guarantee you value for your money. The best options to choose is a taxi firm that allows clients to pre-book and prepay. Travel Eaze offers such and makes it better, since you will be charged on a fixed price basis. With other players, you will be surprised to pre-book only for the price to go up when you finally show up for your trip. Travel Eaze doesn’t surprise you with hidden costs. Our dishonest competitors will jump at any slight opportunity to increase their airport taxi rates.

Travel Eaze is keen to help you or your group to save money. From the get go, we operate with transparency when billing customer. Our upfront quotes are the same estimates we will use to bill you. We offer no obligation quotes when you want the 8-9 seat minibus hire vehicle. Check out our website to see the incentives that will help you to save money. Even if you want a custom travel package, we still charge reasonably without citing hidden fees.

8-18 Passenger Options

We have a range of group travel options that suit traveling teams with 8-18 passengers. These minibuses are designed to perform excellently on city and country roads. We offer these minibuses for picnic, sightseeing and any trip out of town. We guarantee you smooth travel in a 10-12 seat minibus hire vehicle. There are features and fixtures that help you to unwind and keep in touch with the rest of the world when on the go.

The 14-16 seater minibus hire offers your group the best chance to save if the group decides to cost share.

The 16-18 seat minibus hire option is our largest MPV. We have the best rates and discounts.

If you want your travel /trip in Chesterfield to end successfully, choose a licensed taxi service provider. Travel Eaze is licensed to operate in and around chesterfield. We have the proof if you insist to see it. Avoid unlicensed taxi operators, since you can end up scammed and with no chance for legal redress. We have been in the local taxi industry for 15 years, and we have no records of incidence or citation from the authorities.

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