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16-18 Seater Minibus Hire

You have taken months to plan around your tour of Sheffield in a group and the D-day is a few days away. Even though you seem to have taken care of every aspect in your itinerary, it’s your traveling needs that you will have to prioritize on. If you want the perfect 16-18 seat minibus hire vehicle, Travel Eaze has a range of models that can fit the diverse needs of different 18 passenger groups. We have been in the Retford and Chesterfield taxi service industry for the last 15 years. We have fine-tuned our service delivery and the industry knowledge we have is unmatched.

Comfort and Luxury on Board

If you expect to get value for your money with the 16-18 seat minibus hire booking, Travel Eaze promises nothing but the best. We know that you need comfort and luxury on board. What we do is provide 16-18 seater minibus complete with your kind of features. Our competitors will provide services in minibuses that lack basic amenities. Even if you have group members with mobility challenges, Travel Eaze takes care of that with wheelchair accessible minibuses. The entertainment systems installed and the climate control features will make your road trip memorable.

We Offer Complimentary Help

It’s true that not every taxi service company that provides 16-18 seat minibus hire services will live up to their promises. Some will tell you what you want to hear but they will disappear as soon as you book. Travel Eaze has a reputation to protect and we will fulfil every promise we make. If it’s prompt pickup at the airport, the minibus will be waiting for your group even before you land. We offer complimentary help and you can cancel your booking for free, if you do it in advance.

Choose the 16-18 seat minibus hire package and Travel Eaze will guarantee you a smooth on-the-road experience. We have invested in new minibus models from top manufacturers. Before we launch our vehicles, we ensure that they are customised to fit the luggage, performance and stability needs. Forget taxi operator who want to move you around Mansfield or Worksop in tiny and squeezed minibuses. Chances are that they might not have vehicles that can carry your luggage in one go.

We Accommodate Different Budgets

Whether it’s a wedding occasion, group tour in Sheffield or a corporate delegation pickup from the airport, the 16-18 seat minibus hire option won’t hurt your wallet. We do all in our power to accommodate different budgets. We work closely with your group to find an amicable solution. Our upfront quote lets you approximate the amount you will have to pay for the trip. We offer you the best chances to save as a group.

You can contact Travel Eaze night and day if you want the 16-18 seat minibus hire services. We are open 24-7. Our support desk will answer your call quickly, and we will assist you to get the right minibus model for your 18 passengers. Call us today.

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